Pacquenac Tennis Club Junior Academy

Tennis is an excellent sport for children of all ages. We welcome players of all ages and abilities and group them accordingly.  Our students will achieve greater physical activity and feel successful at tennis right from the start.  With our four red clay courts and top-notch professional instructors, we have the space and experience to improve your child’s game.

There will be 10 one-hour sessions in which modern tennis techniques, including fundamentals, correct stroke-production, proper footwork, agility, strategy, and sportsmanship are taught based on the level of play and ability of the student.  Drills will be conducted to reinforce and to further enhance those said skills.  There will be a fun tournament at the conclusion of the ten sessions. 

Additional information can be found on our Information Flyer and Registration Form on this website.  If you need additional information that is not provided or available on our website, please contact our Head Professionals:

              Johnathan Le at (646) 824-8961 


             Bob Reich at (973) 696-3635