Recycling Balls

If you have dead balls that you no longer use, please put them in the green cardboard box for recycling. If you think the balls are still usable (not flat), please put them in the translucent bucket nearby for the Junior Academy.

Locking Gate

When locking the front gate, please make sure the chain is wrapped snuggly around the post. A loose chain allows a huge gap, and any person without permission can squeeze through and enter the facility --which defeats the purpose of having a locked gate.

If you need to unlock the gate on Sherman Avenue side to retrieve stray balls, it is your responsibility to re-lock it. The combination for it is exactly the same as that of the front gate.

Hanging up the brooms

When hanging up the brooms, please make sure the side with the bristles (not metal) is facing toward the courts so as to prevent any potential injury to the players.


Jogging or walking shoes should never be worn for tennis and are not permitted on the courts for many reasons. These shoes are designed to absorb impact; not for lateral cuts and quick "breaking." As such, they have a higher profile and "sharper" edge-contour on both the medial and lateral sides, which can  easily cause a person to roll --or even break-- an ankle while running for a wide-ball. Also, the nubbies (thread type) on jogging shoes will create "lumping" of the dirt (top dressing), which causes abnormal ball bounces. But, the most damaging effect to the courts caused by these shoes is that the "sharp" edge can easily catch the line tape and lift it off the surface, which eventually will allow more dirt to get under causing the tape to heave/lift even more.




Morris County Recycling

Trash Bin Recycling Bin
Styrofoam Glass
Plastic bags Plastic bottles - no bottle caps
Bottle caps Empty tennis cans with lids
Dirty pizza boxes (use discretion) Clean pizza boxes
  Paper and cardboard